BD PosiFlush™ Pre Filled Saline Syringe

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Positively Unique

BD PosiFlush™ is a range of ready-to-use sterile pre-filled flush syringes containing sodium chloride (NaCL) 0.9%, specifically designed to enhance best clinical practice.


Reducing the risk of cannula damage

All BD PosiFlush™ have a consistant 10mL syringe diameter to prevent cannula damage and assure compliance with PICC manufacturer recommendations.

Eliminating syringe induced blood reflux

BD PosiFlush™ eliminates syringe induced blood reflux, enhancing cannula maintenance protocol and extending the life of the cannula.

Eliminating the risk of contamination

It has been found through documented studies that approximately 8% of manually prepared flush syringes are contaminated prior to administration due to breaks in aseptic technique. The use of commercially prepared BD PosiFlush™ can minimize this risk.

BD PosiFlush™ is designed to prevent solution from entering a non-sterile area of the syringe, eliminating the risk of contamination to patient.

Reducing the risk of medication errors

Per the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA), all syringes, including flushes and Infusions, must be labelled immediately after preparation by the person who prepared them.* BD PosiFlush™ syringes have standardised labelling that contains all of the required medication preparation information.