BD insulin syringe with BD Ultra-Fine™ 6mm™ needle

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Choose the syringe that makes a difference they can feel

The BD insulin syringe with the BD Ultra-Fine 6mm needle features our shortest insulin syringe needle, at 53% shorter than the 12.7-mm needle.

In a 2010 study, 80% of patients preferred shorter needles compared to 8-mm and 12.7-mm needles. They also more reliably deliver insulin into the subcutaneous tissue, reducing the risk of painful intramuscular (IM) injection.


Four barrel sizes

The insulin syringe comes in four different barrel sizes and scale capacities to optimise dose.

Reduced risk of hypoglycemia

Longer needle lengths may lead to frequent IM vs subcutaneous tissue injections, which may cause unexplained hypoglycemia.