SmartSite™ Needle- Free Valve

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Our award-winning SmartSite™ needle-free valve is one of the most widely used in the world earning its reputation as a proven, reliable system. An estimated 600,000 to one million needlestick injuries to healthcare workers occur every year. Job-related needlesticks can lead to serious or potentially fatal infections from bloodborne pathogens. The SmartSite needle-free valve helps to protect your staff from potential and harmful injuries.

With a smooth, swabable surface designed to help clinicians disinfect every access point, our SmartSite technology comes standard on our extensive line of IV sets and accessories that includes primary, gravity, secondary and extension sets.


The ergonomic design of the SmartSite makes it easy to use. The SmartSite features:

Flat, smooth top: easy-to-swab

Straight-through, non-tortuous fluid path: reduces the risk of hemolysis

Needle-free: reduces needlestick injuries

Passive system: increases compliance and eliminates the need for caps and cannulas

Labelled for use with low pressure power injectors up to 325 psi and maximum flow rate of 10 mL/sec: can be used in radiology (only item codes 2000E7D, 20019E7D, 20039E7D, and 20041E-0006)

High chemical compatibility and lipid resistant: suitable for use with a wide variety of drugs

Metal free: can be used in MRI

DEHP-free: suitable for neonates, paediatrics and adults

Latex-free: eliminates potential for latex sensitivity