BD Nexiva™ closed IV catheter system

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Preserving sites and protecting veins

The BD Nexiva IV catheter, shown to preserve sites for longer and designed to protect patients by reducing the risk of complications and restarts. 

BD IV technologies can help provide significantly better care and experience for your patients, efficiently and cost effectively. 


BD Vialon biomaterial

Proprietary BD Vialon biomaterial softens up to 70% in the vein, enabling longer dwell times  and reducing the chance of mechanical phlebitis by up to 50%.

BD Instaflash needle technology

Provides quick blood visualization that may help improve insertion success and therefore reduce insertion attempts.

Built-in stabilization platform

Reduces dislodgement by 84%  and complies with the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice and CDC guidelines for catheter stabilization.

Pre-attached extension set

Shown to significantly reduce blood exposure during insertion compared to an open system and aligns with INS guidelines.